Build a Sales Engine For Your Business

Want to improve the revenue of your small business? Have no clue what to do with your sales team?

Sales is a numbers game.

The amount of revenue generated (the driving force you want to create for your business) is a direct result of the sales activity (the fuel) that goes into it.

It has to be an extremely target-oriented engine:

You need to know how many phone calls or meetings you need to close a deal;

You need to know how many deals you need to reach your goal of the week;

You need to know how that adds up to help make your month...

Here is a simple but powerful equation explaining how it works:

Suppose in your industry you would be expected to make 3 sales if you saw 30 leads-a 10% conversion rate. When your business plans to have 50 sales, your sales team would need to generate 500 leads. And it starts with knowing how many phone calls or meetings each salesperson needs to schedule every day.

Sales is all about process and systems. It can be a powerful machine. | Be the change.


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